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Perth Australia on the Waters
Photo: Perth Australia on the Waters

Western Australia Tourist Guide, Maps and Travel Info

Western Australia Map

Western Australia is known for its great deserts with oases of emerald green, long untouched beaches, fertile south-west and the beautiful lush tropical rainforests in the north.

The Kimberley Ranges and Pilbara offer much in the way of beautiful gorges, rock pools and waterfalls.

They are not within easy reach of Perth, but because of their remoteness you will enjoy the fact that not many other people are there.

The state is vast and covers more than 2.5 million sq kilometres. It does take planning and time to get around.

Western Australia Beaches

With a coastline of more than 12,500 kilometres, the beautiful beaches here are amongst the best Australia has to offer, while offshore small islands abound.

The wildlife is spectacular, from crocodiles in the north, to koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emus and camels. Yes, camels - left from the days when Afghan drivers guided caravans across the deserts to supply the many diverse places in WA. There are also many animal species that are found nowhere else in the world.

Perth in Australia, capital of the state, also has wonderful white sandy but uncrowded beaches, beautiful parks and gardens, and noted for its mouth watering seafood dining. As well as a lot more, with plenty of restaurants to try, accommodation to suit any budget, gold rush history and great outdoor adventures within easy reach. Just off the coast is the eco paradise of Rottnest Island WA.

Capital of WA Perth WA

WA Regions

Perth and Surrounds are well worth exploring, as is Broome and the Kimberley in the North. The south west has Margaret River, known for its wines and gourmet experiences. The whole of the south west has wild coastal areas and National Parks that you could fit whole countries into.

To the east lie the Goldfields. Gold was discovered here in the 1890s, leading to a gold rush from miners all over the world. The boom town of Kalgoorlie still has much of the architecture from the early times.

Best Places to Visit in Western Australia

North of Perth

Travelling North from Perth you will find a very diverse and scenic landscape. The WA coast has islands and natural reserves for you to explore, the inland has vast deserts and natural wonders to behold.

The Brand Highway, as this section of the Australia Highway 1 is called, takes you to Geraldton and on to the Central Coast of WA. Places to visit here include the Nambung National Park with its Pinnacles Desert. Noted for Dolphins, Dugongs, Shark Whales and other teeming marine life in the Shark Bay World Heritage and Marine Park:

Central Coast Central Coast

The North Coast of Western Australia. Coral Bay, Exmouth and around into Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo Reef National Park and the Pilbara region:

North Coast North Coast

Situated at the Top End of the West of Australia is the Kimberley, which will give you a chance for real Outback Adventure or pampered relaxation in modern luxurious surroundings:

Kimberley in the North West North West WA

On the South Coast, places like Esperance have stunning white sand beaches, while in the fertile hinterlands there are scenic Nature Reserves and National Parks, abounding in wildlife and bushland wildflowers:

South Coast of WA WA South Coast

The Nullarbor is an iconic place for Australians and overseas visitors to cross. Stretching from Norseman in the West and the South Australia border on the East, there is a lot more here than a ‘Treeless Plain’:

South East WA WA South East

The South West is great to visit any time of year, with delicious cuisine, notable wineries, wonderful beaches, rugged coastline, towering forests and whale watching delights.

Wildflowers cover the hillsides and heathlands in spring, the area remains unspoilt:

South West WA South West WA

Aside from being the largest state in the country, Western Australia has National Parks, Reserves and Gardens that consist of ancient landscapes in desert regions and along the long pristine coastline:

South West Western Australia

National Parks WA National Parks

Australian Events

Exhibitions, Festivals, Events and Things to Do around the country:

Exhibitions, Events and Festivals in Australia


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Map of Western Australia - Click to Zoom
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Kangaroo on the beach, Esperance WA. Photo Richard Powers Tourism Australia Copyright
Photo: Kangaroo on the beach, Esperance WA. Photo Richard Powers Tourism Australia Copyright


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