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East Sydney CBD

Map of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst - Click to Zoom Out ©
Map of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst - Click to Zoom Out ©

Sydney City Map - Kings Cross to Central

See the Kings Cross Hotel Map Map Hotels City - Kings Cross.

Map of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst. Shows Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, East Sydney, Elizabeth Bay, Fitzroy Gardens, William St, Kings Cross St, Garden Island and Woolloomooloo.

Mrs Macquaries Chair

Mrs Macquaries Chair at the top of the map is an excellent place for great views of the Harbour, with the Opera House framed by Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Royal Botanic Gardens is a short walk away, and leads west along the harbour to the Sydney Opera House. Sydney Opera House Map.

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Kings Cross and Darlinghurst

Kings Cross and Darlinghurst has numerous restaurants to try, while the Cross shows its alternative side at night. Known as the red light district of Sydney, the place booms with entertainment, nightclubs and pubs. See more about Kings Cross Sydney - Restaurants, Entertainment and Nightlife.

Woolloomooloo Wharf

Nearby Woolloomooloo, yes, thats right, 3 Ls and 8 Os, has a growing collection of restaurants, pubs and clubs. Also called the ’Finger Wharf,’ it was built and still is the longest wood covered wharf in the world.

Woolloomooloo Wharf, on Sydney harbour, between Garden Island and the Royal Botanic Gardens, has some choice restaurants onsite to try with ambient harbour views.

Hunter Valley NSW

To see Information about Sydney Wine and Winery Tours Sydney Wine Tasting Tours Hunter Valley.

Australia Tourist Guide

Thinking about a working holiday in Australia? See information about how to get jobs and Work in Australia.

Sydney Museums

Museums in Sydney: Museums in New South Wales.

Sydney Places to Stay

Accommodation includes hotels, motels, luxury resorts, caravan parks, camping, bed and breakfasts, backpackers and youth hostels.

Main Photo: Map of Kings Cross and Darlinghurst - Click to Zoom Out ©

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