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North East Parks and Reserves. Click to Zoom Out
North East Parks and Reserves. Click to Zoom Out

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National Parks Map for NE Western Australia

In the north east of Western Australia, the Kimberley has a number of beautiful and large National Parks and Conservation Reserves to visit. Another is the Lalang-garram / Camden Sound Marine Park, where whales migrate from the Southern Ocean to mate every year.

Places to Visit

Camping in one or more of the National Parks in the Kimberley is a great way to experience Western Australia. At Windjana Gorge, the gorge is more than 3.5 kms long, cutting through what used to be an ancient reef.

At Purnululu National Park, there is the Bungle Bungle Range, with weathered smooth shaped ancient sediment mountains laid long ago. They soar hundreds of metres into the air. Also the home of the Kija and Jaru people, who help manage the park working with the National Parks people.

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Purnululu National Park

About the places to visit in the Kimberley: Kimberley Western Australia.

Parks and Reserves in the North East

  • Karlamilyi
  • Coulumb Nature Reserve
  • Tunnel Creek National Park
  • Geikie Gorge National Park
  • Winjana Gorge NP
  • Purnululu NP (Bungle Bungle Range)
  • Prince Regent NP
  • Drysdale River NP
  • Wolf Creek Meteorite Crater


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