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State WA South East Map

The South East of WA has Esperance with dramatic coast scenery. Four beautiful national parks to explore nearby include Cape Arid, Cape Le Grand, Peak Charles, Stokes Inlet.

  • Kalgoorie WA
  • Esperance
  • Gwalia
  • Hopetoun
  • Menzies
  • Leinster WA

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The Pipeline: Mundaring on the west coast to Kalgoorlie in the east is popular way to see Western Australia, following the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. 560km long and built in 1906 to supply water to the gold rich Outback Region of Kalgoorlie - a revolutionary engineering achievement.

Western Australia Places of Interest

Among the many Western Australia places of interest along the way, there are those that reveal the heartbreak and fortunes of the Western Australia Outback gold diggers and the many others who lived and died there.

Perth Australia as its gateway, Western Australia covers some 2.5 million square miles and has unique flora and fauna, an arid outback, jagged coastlines of cliffs and pristine beaches.

South East Coast WA.

Western Australia Hotels

For Australia hotels, see Hotels in Australia.

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