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Parks and Reserves in north west WA. Click to Zoom Out
Parks and Reserves in north west WA. Click to Zoom Out

North East WA Parks Map
South West WA Parks

Map of National Parks in NW Western Australia

In the North West of Western Australia, there are not only vast national parks that are truly remote, but for those who love the ocean, island and marine reserves worth visiting.

The parks protect unique and rare native plant and animal species, much of them also sacred areas to the traditional owners of the land that have lived here for tens of thousands of years.

This region is also known as the Pilbara, The land here is ancient, here you will find mountain ranges composed of multi-coloured rocks and deep gorges. The parks also protect green oases, much liked by the birdlife and native animals that inhabit the region.

Along the coast and in the parks, there are long beaches, islands that are protected reserves and marine reserves that protect pristine reefs. Fishing, snorkelling and diving are but some of the attractions to the long coastline here as are the true Australian outback experiences further inland.

To the east, there are the arid regions of the Great Sandy Desert and the Gibson Desert.

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Karlamilyi National Park

Situated between the Little Sandy Desert and the Great Sandy Desert, providing a true Australian outback experience, is Karlamilyi National Park. Dunes, salt lakes and sandstone escarpments mark the region.

The Rudall River runs through the park, where you can see much of the birdlife that lives here, as well as migrating birds during their season.

Native animals here include a variety of reptiles, goannas, skinks, geckoes as well as the gwardar snake and the Stimson’s python. Rock wallabies and the tall red kangaroos can be spotted going about their business. You might even see donkeys and camels, descendants of domesticated animals that escaped long ago.

Marine Parks and Island Reserves

Barrow Island, the nearby Montebello Islands, Dampier Achipelago, Ningaloo Marine Park, Shark Bay, the Dirk Hartog Island Nature Reserve, as well as the further offshore Rowley Shoals Marine Park and the Mermaid Commonwealth Marine Reserve are great for diving, snorkelling and in certain areas where allowed, for fishing.

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Main Photo: Parks and Reserves in north west WA. Click to Zoom Out

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