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Walks in the Blue Mountains
Photo: Walks in the Blue Mountains
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Walks in the Blue Mountains, NSW

Blue Mountains Map NSW

Spectacular scenery and native animals are to be found in the Blue Mountains, now a World Heritage Region and National Park in NSW. Whats more, its only 1 to 2 hours drive from Sydney, so a day spent enjoying the natural environment of this protected region is well within reach.


There are many walks of varying difficulty and length in the Blue Mountains National Park, short ones to lengthy exploration treks. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

Bowen Mountain

At the end of Lieutenant Bowen Drive, you can find parking. There are short walks that you can take from there, including the fire trails that you can find on the eastern, western and southern sides.

Poets Rock

The Poets Rock walk takes about an hour, accessible from the Lieutenant Bowen Drive at Bowen Mountain. On this walk, you can enjoy fantastic views all the way to the Sydney city centre and beyond.

Burralow Fire Trail

The beginning of this trail is at the opposite end of the Lieutenant Bowen Road (southern). Near the beginning of the track the Crago Observatory, operated by the Astronomical Society of NSW. Although the walk takes about two hours (one way) it has an easy grade.

Bulcamatta Falls Walk

At the Burralow Creek Camping Area, you can cross the creek with the stepping stones into the temperate rainforest. Native birdlife abounds here, keep walking, past the convict ruins. The trail leads to a waterfall, it also has an easy grade, taking approximately 1 hour return.

Gorge Walking Track

This walk from the picnic area at the Waratah Native Garden (Valley Ridge Road) has, if your quiet and with a bit of luck, koalas that can be spotted in the trees along the way. The trail is rated as moderate, taking about an hour. Lyrebirds also inhabit the area, listen to their mimicking calls.

World Heritage Site

The majority of the Blue Mountains region is now classed as a World Heritage Site:

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Blue Mountains Map

See Map of the Blue Mountains NSW.

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Main Photo: Walks in the Blue Mountains

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Sandstone Ridges of the Blue Mountains
Photo: Sandstone Ridges of the Blue Mountains

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Nestled above the Ridges and amongst the trees, is Katoomba, a Welcome Place to Recuperate
Photo: Nestled above the Ridges and amongst the trees, is Katoomba, a Welcome Place to Recuperate

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