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Cherries at Stella Creek Cherry Orchard. Photographer: Tony Yeates
Photo: Cherries at Stella Creek Cherry Orchard. Photographer: Tony Yeates
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Backpacking and Working in Australia

There are usually many temporary and casual jobs available in Australia, particularly, in agriculture during seasonal picking times. They are popular with backpackers and other young travellers as a way to augment their income during their stay in Australia. Fruitpicking Work Opportunities and Pick your own Fruits and Vegetables:

It is important, before you travel here, to get the right visa. If you want to just travel around for a few months or less and see the sights, experience great food and other local produce such as wines and ales, you only need a tourist visa.

Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

Hoping to stay longer and work to augment your spending money? Then obtain a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) a temporary visa that allows you to stay up to a year. People from eligible countries can apply.

See the document checklist needed to apply:

Working Holiday Visa

Note: You may be able to extend the time you work and holiday here by obtaining an extension with a Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462). This would include working in a specified industry in regional Australia, the basic requirement is that you work in certain regions in particular jobs for a set time (88 days).

Pick your own Fruits and Vegetables

In many places in Australia there are chances to pick your fruit and vegetables fresh from the orchard or garden (when in season). Great experience for the kids and the whole family, you get to enjoy your pickings!

’Pick Your Own’ Beerenberg Strawberry Farm

Late October to early May, you can pick the freshest of strawberries yourself at the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm. They also grow vegetables there which are not pickable, but you can buy them from their well stocked shop. They also have an wonderful range of jams, pickles, chutneys, mustards, marinades and sauces.

+61 8 8388 7272

Mount Barker Road
South Australia, 5245


Stella Creek Cherry Orchard

Stella Creek Cherry Orchard has, usually mid November to early January, lots and lots of cherries to pick. Those keen on cherry picking only the best, bring the family as the trees are specially raised to not need ladders.

178 Plummers Road
Forest Range
South Australia, 5139

+61 8 8389 8572

Stella Creek.

Australia World Heritage Sites

About the World Heritage Sites in Australia: World Heritage Sites of Australia.


Only deal with reputable employment agencies! Be wary of those who only advertise in places like Gumtree. Check with the government of the state your in to see if they are reliable.

It is against the law for an employment agent to charge potential employees fees for the promise of a job or work: Consumer Protection is the government department to contact to see what the laws and your protection is. Australia values farmworkers, even temporary ones, they serve an important part of our economy.

In Western Australia, you can contact Consumer Protection: Phone 1300 30 40 54.

Australia Wide:

Australian Employment Standards

Main Photo: Cherries at Stella Creek Cherry Orchard. Photographer: Tony Yeates

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Strawberries<br>Beerenberg Strawberry Farm<br>Photographer: Adam Bruzzone
Photo: Strawberries
Beerenberg Strawberry Farm
Photographer: Adam Bruzzone

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