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On the Gold Coast, Springbrook NP - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia
Photo: On the Gold Coast, Springbrook NP - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia
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Springbrook National Park, Queensland

The Springbrook National Park has unusual geological features and covers more than 29 square kilometres of picturesque mountains with stunning views of the rainforests and the coast.

Located in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, protected ancient trees and other unique Australian flora and fauna make this a place to visit while your on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland.

The mountains offer grand views of the surrounds which protects the largest sub-tropical rainforest area in the world. Other parks form a network of this Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Site in Australia, including Main Range National Park, Girraween National Park and the beautiful Lamington National Park.

See the location of the park and others in the region bordering NSW on the Map: Northern Rivers Map.

Native Animals and Flora

The park has some 1700 species of flowering plants, ancient beech trees and spreading ferns that it protects, with more than 500 different vertebrate native animals.

Only a few other places on earth protect so many plants and animals whose ancestors are part of the ancient fossil record.

On the plateau, eucalypt trees grow, while a the Best of All lookout, there are ancient beech trees up to 3000 years old.

Gold Coast

Located some 100 kilometres south east of Brisbane, the park is the green mountainous backdrop seen in the west of the Gold Coast. The park is a contrast to the surf, sun and beach lifestyle of Surfers Paradise and the luxurious golf courses and resorts found on the rest of the Gold Coast. See the Map: Gold Coast Map.p>

Exploring the Park: Walks

The region, formed by an ancient volcano that dates back more than twenty million years till about 10 million years ago. It covered eighty miles across its width.

Mount Warning and the range of mountains heading all the way westwards to Lamington National Park are all part of this ancient caldera.

Natural erosion over the millenia, rain, rivers, streams and wind have worn down this massive caldera. The Natural Bridge formation is a result of this process, an underwater cave.

Permits for Camping

On the Springbrook plateau, there is camping available at The Settlement camping area. You can obtain camping permits from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Phone 13 74 68 or visit Queensland Camping for more information.

Other Parks in the Region

Nearby are the Main Range National Park, Lamington National Park and the Girraween National Park with spectacular lookouts, sub-tropical rainforests and waterfalls.

Both of the parks are mountain ranges forming part of the Australia Dividing Range, which stretches from the south of Victoria to north Queensland.

Queensland Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world is also in Queensland: Great Barrier Reef.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a World Heritage Listed site. See more about: Fraser Island, Queensland.

Australia National Parks

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Accommodation in Queensland

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Main Photo: On the Gold Coast, Springbrook NP - Photographer: Maxime Coquard Tourism Australia

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