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McIvor Estate - Central Victoria Australia
Photo: McIvor Estate - Central Victoria Australia

Australia Wine Facts - Tourist Guide

Australian Wines have shown to be refined, distinctive and although widely exported throughout the world, the interest in these wines continues to grow.


Our history of wine growing dates back from the beginning: History of Australian Wines.

Quick Facts About Australian Wines

Australia is ranked as the world’s 7th largest wine producer, and the finest Australian wines are among the best in the world - a judgment that is consistently reinforced at international wine shows.

Australia is now the number 4 wine exporting country in the world and the number 16 wine drinking nation.

Australian wines are being sold in over 100 countries and can be found in the finest restaurants the world over.

The United Kingdom is now importing more wine from Australia than it does from France.

Australian wines have consistently won medals at almost every major international wine competition and has set records for the price of a single bottle.

Around 78% of the wineries in Australia have cellar doors. 29% also have restaurant dining, 11% offer accommodation and some even offer opera theatre and have festivals celebrating wine, food and music.

We’ve also attracted a number of the giants of the wine world. Yering Station is participating in a joint venture with Champagne Davaux, one of the leading champagne houses in France, while Domaine Chandon (now an international brand) located in the Yarra Valley has a joint venture with Moet Chandon.

Australia has some of the oldest grape vines in the world. Many of Europe’s established vineyards were destroyed by disease (phylloxera) in the 1800s. The only survivors were the vines brought to Australia.

There are more than 60 wine regions in Australia; this number keeps growing annually as more and more start ups fling open their cellar doors.

  • Australia Wine Regions
  • The 2007 edition of the Australian Wine Companion listed 2,176 Australian wineries, 230 new wineries and rates more than 6,000 wines.

    In just 200 years, Australia’s wine industry has grown from a few small plantings to an industry renowned throughout the world for quality, innovation and depth that produces every one of the major wine styles.

    The wine cask or wine box, the forerunner to the modern day soft pack, was invented in Australia.

    Australian Wine Regions

    Some of our Internationally Acclaimed Wine Regions

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