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The Argyle Stores
Photo: The Argyle Stores
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Entertainment, Food and Drinks at The Rocks

1800’s Rocks Map

Those looking for things to do on any day of the week should head down to The Rocks, where you will find excellent restaurants, a whole variety of pubs and bars and places to dance the night away. Entertainment comes in many forms here as well, from live music to exploring history and the arts.

The Argyle Stores

The Argyle Centre, originally an important storehouse that was built in about 1826 and served as the Customs House until 1850. It has retained much of its original character, despite its many uses through the years and even today.

Today it is home to six bars with food from the Argyle Kitchen available throughout the venues. The menu consists of Wagyu Beef steaks, fish and chips and delicious salads and sliders, burgers and entrees (share food).

It does not stop there. DJs from all over the world and Australia provide thumping beats, chances to dance and party late into the night.


There are excellent Restaurants at the Rocks, as well places to eat such as café’s and pubs. One notable place is the Altitude Restaurant, at the top of the Sydney Shangri-La Hotel. The views of the harbour, city and surrounds are stupendous. They serve a blend of European flavours with Australian produce.

The Italian Caminetto Restaurant offers delighful dishes from the old country. Pizzas, authentic pastas, veal and seafood dishes are on offer.

Tex-Mex is a big favourite in Australia now-a-days and you can enjoy a variety of some of the best Tex-Mex to be found in Sydney! They have great rotating specials too, including all you can eat tacos on Fridays (at time of writing this article), Tex-Mex brunches and happy hours.

El-Phoenician The Rocks is a Lebanese restaurant. Here you will find an excellent blend of traditional and modern dishes of premium Middle Eastern cuisine.

There are many more places to eat here, many with satisfying views of the harbour and even the Sydney Opera House. Others are in historic buildings, with old world ambience and yet for modern tastes.

Places to Visit

The Rocks Attractions

Sydney Information Centre

Sydney Information Centre on the Corner of Argyle and Playfair streets offering visitors not only information, they have a good collection of artefacts and other items on display from earlier Sydney. Find the location on the:

The Rocks Map of Attractions

Main Photo: The Argyle Stores

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A familiar sight at The Rocks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Photo: A familiar sight at The Rocks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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