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Dixon St, Chinatown: The Chinese Portal
Photo: Dixon St, Chinatown: The Chinese Portal
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Chinatown Sydney Australia

Map of Sydney City South

Located a short walk or light rail ride from Central Station, Sydney’s Chinatown is known for all things Asian, rather than just Chinese. There are not only restaurants, bars and eateries, but markets held on a regular basis.

This thriving place attracts not only Sydney-siders but visitors from all over the world, looking for bargains, entertainment and great tasting food. You can also find groceries and the more exotic spices that you may need for that perfect dish.

Centered around the busy Dixon Street and Hay Street near Haymarket, but spreading well beyond that, into the alleyways, nooks and crannies there are also cake shops, hairdressers, nic-nac shops, even medical clinics. A bustling shopping centre can be found at Market City and chances for a cheap but filling meal at one of the many eateries that are located within.

Map (see link above) showing the location of Dixon Street and Chinatown, the Chinese Gardens and the Market City Shopping Centre .

October, Good Food Month

Also, October brings the Good Food Month in Sydney, with Little Hay Street being a big part of it every Friday night of the month. Here you will find street stalls offering the freshest of delectables from a whole host of Asian cuisines.

Try one or more of the many dishes available, from Szechuan to Hanoi, Hong Kong to Malaysia, Thailand to Japan. You will find BBQ beef, yum cha, teppanyaki, sushi, roti and bibimbap. From the mild to the spicy!


Sydney Chinatown has a great collection of Asian restaurants, there are also bars and the hours are till late. You will find a number of the best Asian restaurants in Sydney are here, though certainly not the only ones.

Centered around Dixon Street , the allyways and surrounding streets (see map below) Chinatown also has shops that sell everything from trinkets and Asian foods, to fashionable jewellery and clothes in the arcades.


Also in Chinatown is Paddy’s Market, operating here since 1869. Located in the Market City Shopping Centre, there are bargains in clothes, accessories, computer gear and just about everything else. The Sydney Entertainment Centre is also there, as is Darling Harbour, just a short walk (10 mins) west.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Not far from here at Darling Harbour is the Chinese Garden of Friendship. With a design similar to those found in the gardens of the Ming Dynasty in China many centuries ago, it is an escape from the hustle and bustle in the surrounding city.

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Main Photo: Dixon St, Chinatown: The Chinese Portal

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Chinese Garden of Friendship
Photo: Chinese Garden of Friendship

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Sydney Shopping at Market City in Chinatown
Photo: Sydney Shopping at Market City in Chinatown

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