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There are tours available exploring Sydney’s architecture. Provided by the Sydney Architecture Walks, there are tours of not only the famous buildings but of the blend of old and new. You can also explore inner city suburbs, the harbourings, as well as some of the more important outer suburbs.

Besides giving the development of the city as it grew over the years, there is insight provided on the thoughts and ideas expressed by the architects when they brought their designs into reality. These tours are provided by those knowledgeable of the arts and technical skills of architecture.

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Sydney Architecture Walks


Although a young city by world standards, Sydney has a surprising variety of architecture in the city and nearby suburbs. Many of the public buildings date from the colonial days, the Gold Rush saw many grand public buildings being built.

Successive waves of immigration have influenced the growth of the city, this will not change anytime soon.

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Sydney Architecture
Photo: Sydney Architecture

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