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This antique Shop can be found in Pambula NSW.
Photo: This antique Shop can be found in Pambula NSW.
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Antique Shop Bargains

Art galleries, craft and antique shops can be found in many of the towns and villages along the Sapphire Coast. Antiques, long stashed away in attics and garages have begun to see the light of day once again. You may find some real bargains and just the right decorative piece for your new home, or even locally made art and crafts.

In the Towns

At Bega, the Pioneers’ Museum has displays and exhibits relating to life in the pioneering days of this part of the South Coast. Here you can find a taste of the many types of things you can find in this region.

In Merimbula, the Boardwalkart Gallery feature the arts created in the region by the many local artists that have decided to make their life in this beautiful part of New South Wales. Perhaps you can spot the next creative genius here before anyone else does.

Bemboka: You can find a number of excellent ceramic works at the Australian Pottery at Bemboka that were created in the last century. The gallery is dedicated to the diverse creations of pottery and other works by artists, everything from the functional to the decorative and artistic. Every piece here can be bought.

Combargo is a historic village that has gathered working artists and craftsmen to inspire each other. There are workshops, shops and galleries in the village that date back to the turn of the last century.

South Coast

You can find more antique shops scattered along the coast, there are others in the hinterlands, particularly in the many small historical townships of the NSW South Coast.

The gold mining area of Mogo provides a fascinating look at the gold rush era, you can even pan for gold! Mogo Zoo is another popular attraction on the South Coast, here they have been able to collect over 39 rare species and many other animals to help protect them. Visit their site: Mogo Zoo.

Nearby is the rugged wilderness of the National Park of Ben Boyd and not far south, the beautiful waterways and lakes of Gippsland in North East Victoria.

Ben Boyd NP

Boydtown, located in the south part of Two Fold Bay near Eden, was a town set up by the entrepeneur Benjamin Boyd. Little remains of his vision, except a tower in the Ben Boyd National Park and an Inn at Boydtown, which still operates as a hotel.

Another place to visit in the Ben Boyd NP are the Pinnacles, where the elements have exposed two tone cliffs of red and white. Red clays cap the fine white sands below. There is a walk that takes you past sweeping coastal views through forests, past the Pinnacles and onto the beach (approx 30 mins - starts at Haycock Road).

Activities at Ben Boyd NP include swimming, diving, canoeing, fishing and bushwalking. It also has a number of prime surfing beaches. Picnic facilities and camping are available.

South Coast Places to Stay

All along the South Coast and in the hinterlands, you can find great places to stay - from luxury resorts to peaceful campsites, historical townships and sleepy fishing villages. Accommodation available includes a wide range of styles to suit almost any budget.

There are numerous resorts set in stunning locations, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, serviced units, homesteads and holiday lettings.

Main Photo: This antique Shop can be found in Pambula NSW.

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