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Bournda Island: Even in Winter the National Park provides Stunning and Picturesque Views
Photo: Bournda Island: Even in Winter the National Park provides Stunning and Picturesque Views
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Bournda National Park NSW

Within the 2,655 hectares of Bournda National Park there are numerous walking tracks of varying difficulty to help you explore this beautiful park that stretches some 13 kilometres along the South Coast of NSW.

The walks take you past lakes, dramatic views of the coast and ocean, sweeping bays, creeks and lagoons. With a bit of luck you can spot dolphins playing in the waters off the coast, or even passing whales in the warmer months.

Walks in the Park

There are three walks from the stunning Hobart Beach to other parts of the park, including to Bournda Lagoon, Scotts Bay and all the way to Tathra (northwards) or to Cuttagee Beach (south) via the coastal walk (Kangarutha Track).

Bournda Island, the remnants of a volcanic plug formed a million years ago can be accessed from the Bournda Lagoon or from North Tura Beach.

The Sandy Creek loop track also takes you past Bournda Island as well as the Bournda Lagoon and Sandy Creek.

Striking coastal scenery and abundant wildlife are two features of this 8500 hectare park. It protects wetlands, coastal scrub and tall eucalypts, stunning beaches and headlands. There are plenty of walks and tracks within the park itself as well as the foreshore.

Traditional Owners of the Land

Aboriginals have inhabited the park for thousands of years. There are signs of tool making and middens, piles of shells that have accumulated over the many thousands of years, their contents eaten by generations. These sites are regarded as significant by the traditional owners of the land.

Bournda Beaches

The beaches on the coast of Bournda National Park, as well as Wallagoot Lake and the lagoons make it fun exploring this park. There are plenty of places to go for a picnic, including North Tura Beach, Hobart Beach and Scotts Bay.

Bondi Lake

Bondi Lake has unique flora not found anywhere else in Australia, the fact that the lake contains freshwater very near the ocean makes the animals that live here different to those usually found on coastline.

Spring brings whale sightings along the South Coast. Please note: all flora and fauna, aboriginal sites and the rock formations are all protected in the park. Please leave nothing behind but footprints and do not take anything except photos.

NPWS Merimbula

There are camping facilities located in the park at Hobart Beach. Contact the the National Parks Wildlife Service (NPWS) in Merimbula for more info about camping in Bournda National Park, Phone +061 2 6495 5000.

You can also get more information about this park and others at the Merimbula Visitors Centre, located on the waterfront in Merimbula. In Merimbula you can find places to stay - from luxury resorts to holiday lettings. Accommodation available includes a wide range of styles to suit almost any budget. South Coast ocean side resorts set in stunning locations, hotels, bed & breakfasts, caravan parks, serviced apartments, homesteads and beach home holiday lettings are just some of the options available to you.

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Main Photo: Bournda Island: Even in Winter the National Park provides Stunning and Picturesque Views

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