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Parks in Adelaide: Entertainment at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Photographer: Adam Bruzzone
Photo: Parks in Adelaide: Entertainment at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Photographer: Adam Bruzzone
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Adelaide Park Lands, South Australia

Map of Adelaide in South Australia, showing the parks surrounding the city: Adelaide CBD Map.

Renowned for its green belt parks surrounding the City of Adelaide, there is much to be enjoyed for those seeking escape from the city’s rush and bustle of the CBD (Central Business District). There are others dotting the city surrounds, including the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens in the Adelaide Hills, the Wittunga Botanic Gardens in Blackwood and Ruston’s Rose Garden.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are impressive, not far from the Adelaide city centre in its north-east corner. Those who enjoy roses, will find many growing in the National Rose Trial Garden, where they were first tested in the country to see their survivability in Australian conditions.

Palm House

The beautiful 1877 Palm house, just west of the large lake in the Botanic Gardens, has a wonderful collection of palms, particularly Malagasy flora. The striking newer Bicentennial conservatory has plants from the rainforests of Indonesia, the Pacific islands, Papua New Guinea and tropical Northern Australia. The First Creek Wetlands has aquatic plants with reed beds that include native wildlife.

The Santos Museum of Economic Botany was dedicated to plants that were deemed to be useful during the days of the British Empire. Now it houses an excellent display of the original exhibits when it originally opened in 1879, as well as rotating displays including Aboriginal artefacts. The building itself is an attraction including its contents, much of it dating back as far as1865.

Parks in the Adelaide Region

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O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park
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Sturt Gorge Recreation Park

Map of Adelaide and Surrounds

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Main Photo: Parks in Adelaide: Entertainment at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Photographer: Adam Bruzzone

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