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Emu, Flinders Ranges. Photo: Mike Newling
Photo: Emu, Flinders Ranges. Photo: Mike Newling

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National Parks in South Australia

There are wonderful national parks and state reserves in the state of South Australia, in fact, over 300 that you can visit. Wildlife and plant life are protected here, as are the unique and special landscapes. See the South Australia National Parks Map.

Murraylands Region

Throughout the Murraylands region, you can find many beautiful and interesting parks to visit.Why not dust off the camping gear and head to Murray River National Park to explore the river, floodplain and wetlands. Take some time to follow the Ngak Indau Wetland Trail.

Monarto Zoological Park (Murraylands)

At Monarto there is the renowned Monarto Zoological Park, there are cheetahs that roam alongside rhinos, giraffes and lions on a 1000 hectare open range zoo. At the zoo, they specialize in breeding programs for endangered species the world over.

Or take a canoe to Loch Luna Game Reserve and paddle to the Chambers Creek or Nockburra Creek Canoe Trail. To escape the crowds and enjoy a wilderness experience, visit Danggali Conservation Park, stay in the Shearer’s Quarters (bookings only), and take the Nanya Pad Interpretive Drive.

At the Chowilla Game Reserve, there are excellent opportunities for camping, fishing, canoeing and bird watching.

Go searching for unique Australian plants and wildlife in Ngarkat Conservation Park. The Tracks of the Mallee brochure (available to download from the ’Publications’ section of the DEH parks website - see link below) provides a map and excellent driving and walking trails to explore.

Northern and Yorke Regions

Within the Northern and Yorke Region there are twenty two conservation parks and two national parks - Innes National Park and Mount Remarkable National Park - both of which are popular destinations for locals and visitors.

The region contains several areas of conservation significance, including Spring Gully Conservation Park, which protects an area of rare Red Stringybark Eucalyptus macrorhyncha, Mokota Conservation Park, a recently proclaimed area of native grasslands, and the Heritage-listed Martindale Hall. Flora and fauna feature prominently in Innes National Park, which is frequented by Western Grey Kangaroos, emus and up to 80 bird species.

Outback Region

The Outback Region covers over 10.6 million hectares and 11% of South Australia. The Desert Parks System is one of the largest desert reserve systems in the world and offers visitors a variety of cultural and scenic environments.

The Desert Parks Pass is a great way to explore South Australia’s outback, but travellers must be well prepared as climatic conditions are extreme. The experience of an outback adventure is a journey to remember, so to better plan your trip.

Phone the Desert Parks Pass Hotline on 1800 816 078.

Surviving in the Outback

About Travelling the Australian Outback.

Flinders Ranges National Park

The Flinders Ranges Area is vast, beautiful and has a wealth of geological features as well as Aboriginal and European heritage sites. The park offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities including bushwalking trails through the spectacular Wilpena Pound and camping sites in the beautiful gorges of the Flinders Ranges National Park..

In the arid regions of the western part of the Great Simpson Desert in the Outback of central Australia, you will find Witjira National Park, a vast area protecting rare native animals and rare flora.

Further Information

See the South Australia National Parks Map.

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Australia World Heritage Sites

Scattered around Australia are significant World Heritage Sites. Chosen for their natural beauty and cultural importance, they provide life long memorable experiences to those that visit. See: Australia World Heritage Sites.

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National Parks in Australia Map

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