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Corroboree - Traditional Dance
Photo: Corroboree - Traditional Dance
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Traditional Life Images Australia

Closely interlinked to the land, traditional Aboriginal life had adapted their lifestyle, art, beliefs and culture to respect this part of our earth, not overwhelm it.

Aboriginals have inhabited this corner of the planet for tens of thousands of years. They are the traditional owners of the land now called Australia and are made up of many diverse tribes and clans.

Dreamtime stories of the beginning of the earth, the animals and the plants are told through song, dance, performances and storytelling, in order to teach the young about proper behavior and to teach respect for the land and all that is in it.

Making Fire

Woman with Child

Hunting with a Woomerang

Aboriginal Hunter


Trekking through the Bush

If your in Sydney Australia during November, you can experience the rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s culture at Corroboree Sydney, where over 11 days, dancers, artists, musicians, writers and artists get together to share stories and creativity. See more Corroboree Sydney.

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Main Photo: Corroboree - Traditional Dance

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