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Map of Sydney CBD East

Map Sydney Australia - Click to Zoom Out ©
Map Sydney Australia - Click to Zoom Out ©

Sydney City Map - Kings Cross to Central

Map Sydney Australia

More about the city center of Sydney Sydney CBD Centre.

Mrs Macquaries Point

From here you can get great views of Sydney Harbour in all its splendour. The Sydney Opera House is framed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the west, Fort Denison Island is situated on the Harbour and to the north lies Middle Head and points north.

Woolloomooloo Wharf

Wolloomooloo Wharf has an excellent range of fine dining restaurants. Great Italian fare, seafood, fantastic Asian noodles and not far away is Harry’s Cafe de Wheels (Pie Cart).

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Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

Home of the Andrew (Boy) Charlton Biathlon.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens 30 hectares of harbour side beauty. Established in 1816 to research plant life in Australia, it was the site of the first farm in Australia and the first zoo. You can find both Australian flora and exotic species here. A pleasant escape from the city, the park is adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and can be accessed from there and along Macquarie Street.

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Visitor Map of Where to Go

  • Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool
  • Farm Cove
  • Garden Island
  • Elizabeth Bay


  • Mrs Macquaries Point
  • Mrs Macquaries Chair
  • Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Wolloomooloo Wharf
  • Fort Denison

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