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The Pittwater, Sydney Australia.
Photo: The Pittwater, Sydney Australia.
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Pittwater, Sydney Australia

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Situated between the Kuringai-Chase National Park and the Northern Beaches peninsula, the Pittwater is body of water that is used by Sydneysiders as a convenient playground, as is Sydney Harbour. Here you can find secluded beaches, a stunning national park and plenty of places to hire boats, from luxury cruisers to house boats, catamarans, yachts and kayaks for a great day or weekend out.

Just north of here is Broken Bay, another renowned place for sailing, boating and fishing on the Central Coast of NSW. This is where Sydney’s circumventing river, the Nepean - Hawkesbury, flowing all the way from Warragamba Dam empties into the ocean, providing dramatic scenery.

Fishing is popular here as are other watersports, including diving and snorkelling, as well as stand-up paddleboarding and jet-skis.

Scotland Island, a short ferry ride away is located in the Pittwater. In the surrounds, beside the beautiful Kuringai-Chase National Park, are the waterside suburbs of Clareville, Elvina Bay, Lovett Bay and Morning Bay.


The Kurringai were the indigenous traditional owners of the lands around this body of water. In the early days of the colony of NSW, pirates were said to be active on the Pittwater, living in hiding on the shores. Smuggling was also a popular activity by the rogues that lived around here, leading to the establishment of a customs house that operated here till the 1900s and the lighthouse at Barranjoey Point, just north of Palm Beach.

Avalon Beach NSW

Church Point Bus Service

Both are easily accessible on the Northern Beaches Peninsula. You can catch a regular bus service from Manly (155 and 156). Catch the ferry from Circular Quay at the foot of the city, enjoy a ride on the ferry or jetcat over the stunning harbour and take the bus past more beaches and scenery. At the Manly Wharf there is the bus stop.

Sun Light and Protection

Covering Up - Sydney has bright sunny days so wear sun-protective clothing, especially between 10am to 3pm. Find a good SPF30+ sunscreen that is water resistant. Use shade and wear a hat, it all helps to stay looking young, healthy and beautiful as you do.

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Main Photo: The Pittwater, Sydney Australia.

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Boats on the Pittwater. The Kuringai-Chase National Park is in the Background.
Photo: Boats on the Pittwater. The Kuringai-Chase National Park is in the Background.

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